IMMORTALITY (for Leelah Alcorn)

by Memoirs Of A Dead Woman

Leelah Alcorn. Photo originally from

Leelah Alcorn. Photo originally from

[Image:a young, pale skinned woman with short, black, spiked hair wears a sleeveless white dress with black straps in a fitting room. She holds a smartphone and takes a photo of herself in the fitting room’s mirror.]

A digital woman
called lazerprincess
walks through Tumblr;

if you reblog her
she stops to pose
and take a selfie —

in the first
and last dress
she ever wore.

Her blood:
stamped into sun-baked
macadam and bitumen;

invisible ink letters
onto the face of I-71
read #fixsociety.

Her parents
will call her Joshua,
insist she was a boy;

her — her — digital voxbox
whispers shouts screams —
reblog their echoes

and Tumblr explodes,
raging grenade hearts
in hashtag shrapnel: