Please Note

As of January 22, 2017, we’re discontinuing posts on The Digital Hyperlexic.

Why? Because we’ve launched a BRAND NEW BLOG!

Tes is proud to present a brand new blog, The Teselecta Multiverse, over on the new Neurodiversity Matters blog network being launched by Autonomous Press. You know, the independent press publishing radical, transformative work by neurodivergent and other marginalized folk.

Meanwhile, feel free to read our archival posts on this blog.



N.I. (Ian) Nicholson founded Barking Sycamores, a journal publishing neurodivergent literature, in 2014. Besides serving as an editor for Sycamores, he is also the Coordinating Editor for Autonomous Press‘ NeuroQueer Books imprint. Ian’s poetry and essays have appeared in Assaracusqarrtsiluni, Alphanumeric (a project of NonBinary Review), GTK Journal, and NeuroQueer. Recent editorial work also includes co-editing the 2015 Spoon Knife Anthology as well as the Summer 2014 Issue of Red Wolf Journal. Ian graduated in 2016 with his MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. Ian lives in Central Ohio with his fiancé and Barking Sycamores co-editor, and is currently in the process of regenerating. He is currently working on his next collection of poems, Time Travel in a Closet.

At The Digital Hyperlexic, he blogs about writing (sometimes more specifically poetry), reading, literature, neurodiversity in its many flavours, social justice, equality, and popular culture.

Now for some definitions.

digital (adj.): 5. available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer; 6. pertaining to, noting, or making use of computers and computerized technologies, including the Internet. (from Dictionary.com)

hyperlexia(noun): “initially identified by Silberberg and Silberberg (1967), who defined it as the precocious ability to read words without prior training in learning to read typically before the age of 5.” (from Wikipedia.)